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Wood Floor Refinishing - Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing - 

Bob Sidoti Floors servicing Morristown, NJ - Hardwood Floor Refinisher 40 Years 

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Our 27hp Truck Mounted Super Vacuums Evacuate all Dust Generated During the Sanding Process.

 Professional Hardwood Flooring services including:

100% Dust Free Floor Refinishing
  • Dustless Floor Sanding & Refinishing
  • Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Wood Floor Staining
  • Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Repairs
  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Refinishing Old Floors
  • New Floors Installed
  • Engineered Hardwood Floors
  • Solid Unfinished Hardwood Floors
  • Pre finished Hardwood Floors
  • Stair Refinishing
  • Carpet Removal
  • Furniture Moving Service

Servicing All Morris County NJ Towns and Surrounding Areas

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