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Dustless Floor Refinishing Near Me

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Until now, the dust from hardwood floor sanding was a problem. Chemical-laden -Toxic Dust everywhere not to mention the costly nightmare to clean up! At Bob Sidoti Floors NJ we can guarantee a dustless working environment because we have the most powerful truck mounted vacuum system in the industry.

Now The Dust is at the Curb and Not In Your Home. The System at Bob Sidoti Floors is the Real Deal, Not a glorified shop vac. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

BEWARE! portable systems are just a way for
someone to claim dust free bragging rights; they don't work because they DON'T HAVE THE REQUIRED POWER.
Portable systems are nothing more than glorified shop vacs.

Be sure your floor refinishing contractor has made the investment in proper equipment before you make an investment in him! Portable Units Don't Have Enough Power!

Cheap portable units have a fraction of the power as our truck mounted equipment. BEWARE! of this service that doesn't work!.

I was working on a job when I saw this unit on the front lawn of someone who hired the wrong contractor!

Our PROFESSIONAL truck mounted 27HP system is the real deal..."NO DUST" Guaranteed!

We HaveThousands of Satisfied Customers, you can be one too!

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