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Our Hardwood Floor Heritage

A Long Long Time Ago

Did you ever wonder where the term "Floor Scraping" came from?  Before the invention of the floor sanding machine, floor refinishing was accomplished by strong men on their hands and knees.  They used a tool that was somewhat like a wood planer.  Instead of pushing forward like a traditional planer, this tool had two handles; and while being held by both hands was pulled towards the body, scaping the floor!  It shaved away the inconsistancies in the wood floor making the surface level and preparing it for stain and finishing.

Can you imagine doing that all day?  About 25 years ago I was sanding a floor in a bar on Van Houten Avenue in Clifton. While I was sanding around the bar itself, I saw a corner of what appeard to be a business card sticking out from underneath.  When I stopped to pick it up and read it, I was amazed that it was from an old floorman.  His name was "Olie" and on his business card it said "Floor Scraping" "Work Done By Electric" Wow!!  I got such a kick out of it; what are the chances of finding something like that.  I wish I knew where I put it because I would love to share it on this page.  Enjoy the Picture.

Ancient floormen