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Wood Floors Dustless Floor Refinishing Facts


True..."Powerful Truck Mounted Vacuum Equipment Is Critical For 100% Dustless Sanding"  (Absolutly correct!  Do you really think portable systems can be as good with a fraction of the power?)

False..."Sanding Machines Don't Make Any Dust Because They Have a Vacuum Bag Attachment"   (Dust collection bags are horribly Inefficient and has been the way the system works since the creation of the floor sanding machine!  A dust containment system is a super vacuum located outside the home usually mounted on a truck. 

False..."1 Seal Coat and 2 Finish Coats is just as good as 3 Finish Coats Alone"   (Sealers don't add any durability to the floor surface. 


False..."Wood Sanding Sealers are Necessary to use Before Floor Finish Application  (The use of a sealer for a 1st coat in a finishing system is to save money...sealers are cheap. Stain is the best wood sealer)

True..."Water Based Floor Finish Is Durable and More Covenient than Oil Based Poly"  (Oil based poly used to have a proven track record, but this is no longer accurate. They are not the same since the mandated EPA reformulation, are horribly inconvenient, and are toxic)

False..."Sandless Method Restores Your Floor to Like New Conditions"   (Sandless means there is no sanding...this means imperfections that are normally removed by sanding remain in your floor)

True..."Stain not only colors, But it also Seals the Wood"   (Stain has always been the best way to seal wood.  Read the label on the can of Minwax Stain, it says: "Penetrates, Stains, & Seals. By using the stain as sealer you also get the benifit of color in the same application at no extra cost. )


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